Organized by the International Student Center
The Year 2004, The first meeting

International Exchange Meeting

Date: May 27, 2004 (Thursday) at 16:35-18:00
Place: Faculty Club, 2nd Floor, Reception Room
Participants: International students, researchers/faculty members from overseas, Japanese students, teachers, academic staff at the International Student Center, academic staff in charge of international students, university academic and administrative staff, and staff of the International Student Group.


1. Welcome Speech from the Director of the International Student Center
  - Purpose of the establishment of the International Exchange Meeting
2. Report of the meeting with the President of Hiroshima University and processes after this meeting
3. Reports from international students' associations - Homepage and activities
4. Group discussions in the following themes:
  - Student Activities  
  - Environment of Research Rooms/Laboratories
  - Learning languages, etc.

Note: After finishing 1 to 4, about 380 articles of clothing (free of charge; mostly women's) are given to international students. These clothes are provided by Living Jigyo-sya.

This International Exchange Meeting will be reported in the homepage of the International Student Center. Soft drinks are provided at the reception hall during the meeting. No registration for participation is required.

Assistant Professor at the International Student Center, Dr. Ayami Nakaya ( initiated for this project.