The Second International Exchange Meeting - 2004

Date: Feb 17, 2005 (Thursday) at 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Faculty Club, 2nd Floor, Reception Room

Participants: International students and researchers / faculty members from overseas (22 persons), Japanese students (18 persons), staff of the University (8 persons).

1. Welcome Speech

2. Introduction about International Students' Associations and International Exchange Clubs

*Japanese Language Volunteers Group

*Private activities by Kusa (student of Education Faculty) and friends

*Indonesian Student Association of Hiroshima University
A member reported about the previous charity festival for victims affected by Tsunami, and gave thanks to all people from many countries who helped them. He also proposed to make a network for reciprocal help.

3. Games
*Bingo Game
*Gesture Game

4. Group discussions in the following themes:
- Security network

Hiroshima University does not have a manual for disaster. A map of refugee camps that was made by Higashi Hiroshima City Hall is written in Japanese. Therefore international students and their family do not know how and where they can get refuge when a disaster occurs. The leader of the Chinese Student Association, a member of the Indonesian Student Association, the chief of the international group and staff discussed about this problem. The results are as follows. University makes a manual, which explains how to get refuge and the places for refugees and translates the map made by the city hall from Japanese to English. If the disaster occurs in the night, international students and their family can go to the refugee camps that the city hall mentions in the map. Then the staff of the University go to all the places to confirm their safety. (by Ayami NAKAYA, Associate Professor of International Student Center)

- Cross- Cultural Understanding
The participants introduced their own cross-cultural experiences and discussed about that. For example, the ways of greeting, the ways of expression of love and human relationship. They discussed about the differences between their own countries and Japan, and also confirmed that there were big differences between the city and the countryside. (Yu IDE, Student of IDEC)

- Job hunting
- Academic activities

5. Closing Speech by the Director of Intentional Student Center, Prof. Tawada