Report on the Meeting between International Students and the President (Summary)

Date and Time: 1 August 2005 15:00-17:00
Place: Meeting Room 1, Faculty Club
Participating Students: 13 students from Turkey, Malaysia, China (2), Korea (2), Egypt, Indonesia (2), Bangladesh, Nigeria, America and Brazil.
Faculty and Staff: President Muta
Vice-President(International Relations) Ninomiya
International Student Center Director Tawata
Professor Tamaoka (International Student Center)
Counselor Shimomura (International Student Center)
Chief Manager (International Student Exchange) Yoshida
Ms. Kotake (International Student Exchange Group)
Ms. Yamada (International Student Exchange Group)
 Following on from April last year, the second meeting was held between international students and the President. At the meeting, various impressions, opinions and requests were expressed by the international students about the environment and support system at Hiroshima University and a gentle discussion was held with the President.
 Due to space restrictions, below is a report, split into topics, of the opinions and requests made by the international students.

1.Position of International Students at Hiroshima University

 Satisfied with the environment at Hiroshima University, but an opinion was expressed about the desire to be treated as a student without a distinction being made between international students and Japanese students.
 The President expressed approval towards this and proposed that international students joined alumni associates and establish alumni associations overseas in their own countries.


 There are difficulties in exchange between international students, Japanese students and the local community caused by cultural differences. However, there was an impression that loneliness is reduced by participating in events hosted by the University. There was also an impression that due to tea meetings held in research laboratories that it was leading to smooth exchange.

3.Hiroshima University's Web Site

 Prior to coming to Japan it was possible to gather information effectively from Hiroshima University's web site (English version) and when selecting universities, it was the factor used in deciding to select Hiroshima University. There was an opinion that it would be more convenient if there was a site for the alumni. It was confirmed that there was no gap between the information given on the website and the actual state of things.

4.Activities to Support International Students

 Appreciation was expressed for the support given for the Indonesia tsunami and the holding of Japanese classes for family members. It was indicated that there is a problem in homes with small children as couples could not attend the Japanese classes together.
 There was a request for more frequent and effective information about international exchange activities and University events for international students using the mailing list for Hiroshima University's International Exchange Volunteers that is complied by the International Student Center.

5.Kindergarten and Nursery School Problems

 It was indicated that there are economic problems and problems with kindergartens and nursery schools.
 It was explained that there is no choice but to follow the regulations of Higashi Hiroshima City, but the International Student Center will provide separate information.

6.Supervision System

 With regards to problems with extending the study period, it was indicated that there are problems with suitable supervision and a lack of appropriate consideration for self-funded undergraduate students.


 It was indicated that there was no form of transport available at night and that it was inconvenient. Decided that this problem would be examined by the University.


 Request to extend scholarships for the Japan-Korea Program. An explanation about this program was given by the International Student Center Director.


 Request to improve the Internet environment at the International House. Request to extend the period of residence at the dormitories.

10.Preparatory Education Program at the International Student Center

 Request for investigation into the class times and program details.

11.Environment and System for Accepting International Students with Disabilities

 Request for organizing an appropriate environment for disabled people.
The President introduced the system at the University and indicated that Hiroshima University has a top university ranking for support of disabled students and is researching support for disabled people in a COE program.

12.International Students' Private Information

 Question about obtaining personal information of international students in order to create an emergency contact list to be used when natural disasters occur by organizations such as the International Student Association. The provision of personal information is not possible, but the Vice-President suggested that each International Student Association create a list where students can register on their web sites.

(Person responsible for this document: Ayami Nakaya)