International Student Center                                                  December 17, 2008

International Exchange Meeting
Dear International and Japanese students!

At this year’s International Exchange Meeting International Students will present their reports on the topic of “Japanese society and culture” about issues they found the most interesting to research about, and discuss them with Japanese students. Our discussion will not be limited to the issues touched on in the reports – if there is something in Japanese society and culture that you find interesting, let’s talk about it together! We would like this Meeting to be an opportunity to deeply think about Japanese society and culture not only for International but for Japanese students as well. We also hope it would foster mutual understanding between International and Japanese students and broaden human exchange network between them.
(Languages for communication – Japanese and English)

Date: January 20, 2009 (Tue); 10:00~12:00
Place: Gakushikaikan Presentation Hall
Languages – Japanese and English
Organizer: International Student Center

Schedule (provisional): presentations by 3 International and 1 Japanese students / discussion
1. “What is love? – Different style of love in China and Japan” (China)
2. “Peace constitution in Japan”(New Zealand)
3. “Japanese food culture and problem –Whaling Issue ”(Japan)
4. “___undisided___”(    )
*beverages and snacks provided
*there is no need to apply in advance though for smooth organization you are advised to send an email confirming your participation. We are looking forward for you to come.

International Student Center
Associate Professor, Nakaya Ayami
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