The numbers of international students in our country climbed to 95,500 in 2001 and the plan of having 10000 international students has come one step closer. At this university too there are currently (1/5/03) 762 foreign students engaged in study. From here we are raising the objective of taking in between 1000 and 1500 international students but we must urgently form strategies in order to achieve this objective. The international student centre bears the heavy responsibility of being the key unit in order to realise our universities long-term aim of "internationalization" and is being expected to contribute greatly.

With that, the international student centre, along with providing solid Japanese language education for international students such as the institution of Japanese language development valuing communication etc, is actively setting about academic instruction

To promote completion of studies represented in the students acquisition of academic rank. At the same time we are also putting energy into short term student exchanges, actively implementing and developing short term overseas study programmes for both Japanese and international students.

In addition, in line with the universities internationalisation strategy ideas we are providing our educational functions to universities around the world and are continuing to run Japanese learning support especially through the medium of the inter-net.

In recent years the localities internationalisation is continuing to progress and the international student centre will continue to do things like promote interaction between the areas people and foreign students, sending students to participate in local schools learning about international understanding and such like, actively contributing to the localities (Hiroshima city including East Hiroshima city) internationalisation as well.